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Swedish Match

If you enjoy a mild taste, and you want to buy cigarillos, Schimmelpenninck Cigarillos are your new cigar of choice. Featuring a Sumatra sandleaf wrapper and java binder, these Dutch, machine made cigars, combine the best filler tobaccos from Indonesia (Bezuki) and Brazil (Bahia). A popular choice is the Schimmelpenninck Duet Panatella cigars, which feature a noteworthy mild cigar taste. Find out why these Europeon dry-cured cigars are a hit and enjoyed in more than 140 countries, get yourself some Schimmelpenninck Cigars and Cigarillos today.

Schimmelpenninck Cigarillo

Available Schimmelpenninck Cigars

Duet Panatella - 10/10
Sku: CL-5872
Qty: 100
Size: 5 5/8 x 27
$174.97 $197.03
Duet Panatella - 25/4
Sku: CL-5873
Qty: 100
Size: 5 5/8 x 27
$179.97 $197.03