Omar Ortez

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Omar Ortez Cigars are an excellent smoke and just the right length for a pleasurable experience all-around. The wrapper, binder, and filler are all from Nicaragua, and are all grown on the exact farm (which is within minutes of the factory itself.) Spicy, bold, and loaded with dark ligero fillers, these quality smokes will wake up your palate in a hurry and entice your senses with their rich satisfying aroma. Try some of these "puros" today and thank us and the people at Altadis USA later!


Omar Ortez Cigars

Available Omar Ortez Cigars

Sku: CL-5424
Qty: 60
Size: 6 1/8 x 52
$232.47 $305.00
Sku: CL-5425
Qty: 60
Size: 5 x 54
$222.47 $290.00
Sku: CL-5426
Qty: 60
Size: 6 x 54
$224.97 $300.00